This course will assist you with gaining a better understanding of the chakras and how they affect your daily functioning. You will learn how to assess and balance your chakras so you can live life in a balanced state of alignment. Your Chakras are also responsible for the solution to healing past traumas, building lasting relationships, breaking through financial blockages, unleashing creativity, manifesting ideas and achieving your goals on an energetic level.

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When Our Energy Is Imbalanced It Affects Our Health

The theory of the major energy centres of our bodies known as chakras, is found in many healing practices. Chakras are responsible for our energetic, emotional, physical, psychological, mental and spiritual wellbeing. The Chakra and Aura Healing Course provides a comprehensive understanding of how they work, where they are located, their meanings, and how each governs our mind, body, emotions and spirit.

As your knowledge of the chakras expands, the course introduces the problems that can occur in the chakras and what the symptoms and remedies for these are, as well as how to cleanse and stimulate each of them. You’ll gain an increased awareness of which of the chakras is out of balance by the symptoms present, whether they are over or under active, some simple ways to provide general healing to all chakras, what each will make you feel when they are in a balanced state, and how to stimulate and open chakras.

There are several tools available to you that will aid in activating, balancing, or amplifying the energy of the chakras. The Chakra and Aura Healing Course talks you through how to choose and use healing stones, essential oils, pendulums and reiki symbols to heal specific chakras or to provide an overall balancing.

Who would benefit from this course?

With its incredibly detailed exploration of chakras, auras and energy healing, this course can be taken by complete beginners who wish to understand these concepts. With practical techniques and explanations, you can begin using this new knowledge to provide healing to yourself, friends and family, and clients.

With the concepts of chakra and aura healing covered comprehensively, current practitioners of these or related therapies may discover something new and invaluable about their discipline. Business owners who offer similar therapies can use the course to gain knowledge that will enable them to expand their current service offering.

Course Fast Facts:

  1. Learn the fundamentals of Chakra and Aura Healing
  2. Comprehensive 7 module Accredited Certificate in Chakra and Aura Healing Online Course
  3. Study along with simple instructions & demonstrations
  4. Written and developed by leading healing experts
  5. Receive one-on-one online help & support
  6. Unlimited, lifetime access to online course
  7. Certificate of completion awarded with passing score for the online assessment
  8. Study at your own pace with no rigid class timetables, 24/7 from any computer or smart device
  9. Download printer friendly course content