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Energy healing for our evolving world.

“Each and every being has the innate ability to heal as a gift from the gods”​ Mikao Usui - Founder of Reiki

Reiki Courses

At Soul all of our Reiki courses are accredited by the International Guild of Complementary Therapists 

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Training in Reiki.

Learn the art of Reiki to access your innate healing abilities and open yourself to an infinite flow of wellbeing. Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive, hands-on energy balancing system that induces a state of peace and joy. A Reiki attunement opens all chakras — especially chakras in the crown, the heart, and the palms — creating a link between a student and the infinite Reiki source of unconditional love.


In fact, Reiki doesn’t require learning in the traditional sense because it is not knowledge based – it is experience based and we can only acquire the ability to channel Reiki by becoming ‘attuned’ which, is the process of being aligned with universal energy by a Reiki Master during training. Interestingly, because we all have the innate capability to heal energetically, by becoming initiated in Reiki we are simply opening the door to what we are already capable of. Therefore, all you really need is the desire to learn, a day to take a Reiki Level One course, the willingness to let Reiki flow through your hands (to benefit yourself and others) and off you go. 

Reiki is instant and for life. I know it sounds clichéd, but it really is the gift that keeps giving! 

There are many reasons why people decide to embark upon their Reiki journey – they could be motivated by the wish to help a relative, pet, friend or partner who is ill or in need, to work on personal issues, a therapist wishing to add it to their range of therapies or simply the desire to learn after experiencing the benefits of Reiki themselves. Whatever it is, they do say when the time is right, Reiki will find you, or as the adage goes “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”. That certainly was the case with me.

 In the West, there are normally three levels of Reiki Training, which are often known as degrees. At each level of attunement, the energy field is heightened and a higher wider channel of Reiki is tapped into.

As there is a lot to learn and absorb within a short space of time, each course is limited to 10 students. It is important that my students get plenty of attention, feedback and hands-on practice. It is also designed for people to come away, not only with the ability to give Reiki but for the day to have been an enjoyable experience. All materials, certificates are included in the training fee.

On completion of the Reiki Level 2 course & successful submission of practicum table, the student will be certified to practitioner level. This entitles them to hold insurance and membership with a reputable professional body such as International Institute of Complimentary Therapists ( enabling them to practice professionally.

Usui Reiki Level 1

No Prerequisites

Usui Reiki Level 2

You must have Reiki Level 1

Usui Reiki Level 3A

You must have Reiki Level 1 & 2​

Usui Reiki Level 3B

You must have Reiki Level 1, 2 and 3A​

Sandhya Mantha – Reiki Master Teacher

IICT Accredited Reiki Courses


I am a professional Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher with experience in energy healing, Lightwork, Yoga, meditation, holistic therapy and Shamanic work.

Since starting my own healing journey, I’ve been involved with a range of holistic healing programs, shamanic rituals and courses across the world.

When Reiki found me, the divine energy helped me realise that everything I have set out to achieve in life is already within me and everything I have been searching for is already here. As soon as I came to this life changing realisation and once I had experienced the infinite nurturing potential of Reiki, I set out to facilitate this experience for anyone who has the intention!

Reiki helps to see life in a beautiful, harmonious light which enables you to remember your true identity and see the infinite possibility that surrounds us, regardless of what is happening in the physical world.

I am a certified and accredited teacher of Usui Reiki, Yoga and Lightwork.



“I completed the reiki level 1 course with Sandhya & highly recommend to anyone considering to take that step.
The course took place in a safe, relaxing environment & was thoroughly explained by Luke’s extensive knowledge & experience.
I could already start to feel the benefits take place after receiving my first attunement & look forward to practicing self healing with a view to level 2 in the future.” – Kelly

“Sandhya’s Reiki Master Teacher course was an extremely profound healing experience for me. The course was extremely well put together and I received everything I needed to be able to confidently teach Reiki professionally. Thanks Sandhya!” – Mounica.

I completed the Level 2 Reiki course with Sandhya recently and really enjoyed the whole weekend. As well as receiving the attunement and using Reiki, it was interesting, fun, relaxing, and we discussed all things spiritual which was fab. Sandhya has such a kind heart and warm nature, I instantly feel at ease around her. – Sera

An absolutely beautiful Reiki Vibe. Sandhya is the most holistically positive Reiki teacher 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Completed level 1 course yesterday and what an absolutely fabulous weekend we had. Sandhya is so passionate about reiki you can’t fail to be enthralled. The course content is amazing, a lot to take in and get your head around and at times pushes you out of your comfort zone Sandhya was always there to nurture and support you. Cant wait for level 2 ! -Jane


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