You want the tools and strategies to improve habits, enjoy better communication, enhance performance and achieve satisfaction in all areas of your life?


I AM Sandhya and..

I help people who have big dreams take bold steps to bring those dreams to real life.




You have likely felt the soul stirrings for some time.

Say Yes to You & become a Soul Cultivator to live a beautiful spirit centred life.

You might currently lack confidence in communication… have fears and doubts in your abilities… and worry about how you are perceived by key stakeholders. You might have unclear direction… are sick of procrastinating… or you’re at the point where you know things aren’t working… and something needs to change now. On the other hand, you might be overthinking… have paralysis by analysis… or feel a bit stuck in a rut. You might want to create the retirement you desire… move from working for your business to having your business working for you… to set yourself up for the rest of your life. Or you could be drinking each night to help with stress…. it’s affecting your sleep and your health. The behaviour is not in alignment with who you want to be… and you want an effective plan to stop. You want the tools and strategies to improve habits, enjoy better communication, enhance performance and achieve satisfaction in all areas of your life. I coach to achieve instant results that last well into the future, creating a sustainable approach to your personal and professional development. I do this by facilitating the essential shifts in mindset and behaviours whilst handing over the resources and strategies needed to master yourself for authentic and courageous living. So let’s work together if you aren’t getting the results or success you desire in your work or home life.

What's holding you back?
Discover How A Simple
Coaching Framework Can
Radically Transform Your Life

If you’re reading this, then congrats! You’re already taking the first step in building out the life you desire. I’m here to help you recognize the incredible human being you are and to help you build a life with purpose.

Over the past 3 years, I’ve helped dozens of clients break down their limiting beliefs and build personal, empowering belief systems that they can use to structure their lives.

Positive & Empowering

Giving you the tools to improve your well-being and change your life

Learn at your own pace

Certified Online Learning. Learn at your pace, from the comfort of your own home.

Premium Material

Premium Online training from Holistic expert at accessible prices.

Reiki Level 1 Shoden Course

Reiki Level One is traditionally known as Shoden, “The Entrance”. During the first stage of your Reiki training, the emphasis is on Reiki for you. During Reiki Level One you learn the simple process of giving Reiki to yourself (and to your friends and family if you wish to).

Reiki Level 2 Okuden Course

After completing Reiki I, many students are eager to take Reiki II. After receiving the Reiki II attunement, many see their healing abilities increase substantially. Additionally, if they are interested in developing their psychic or mediumship skills, they also see a jump in those capabilities.

Reiki Level 3A Course

Reiki 3a is for you when you’re ready to extend your personal Reiki practice and/or enhance your professional Reiki practice. Be guided in operating from your centre so you experience more clarity and peace each day.

Reiki Level 3B Course

Reiki Master/ Reiki 3b courses are traditionally titled, Shinpiden and translate to “mystery teachings”. Enjoy a wonderful one-on one journey into self-mastery and be fully supported in your personal and professional Reiki practice.


Balance your Divine Inner Masculine and Feminine

Why Learn With The Soul Cultivator's Academy Store?

We truly believe that energy healing will start of a lifelong empowering journey.

All you need is the internet and you’ll be ready to go!

My trainings are direct and deep and gets to the heart of the
My goal is to go beneath the surface to find out what’s really going on at the core level.

You’re ready to take your life to the next level and you are sick and tired of waiting to start.

You are determined to get moving, unwilling to play small a moment longer.

You’ve played by the rules for long enough.

This is your time to shine. This is your time to live a life without limits.

I'm here to hold you to your highest potential and reflect back the ways in which you're not living it.

I do this with 12 Golden Principles below.


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What Our Students Have to Say

"Sandhya has created a format for the 12 principles that makes it easy and fun to incorporate the principles of creating exactly what was desire into our everyday existence. It is wonderful to be in the company of like-minded people who choose to create well-being into their lives and, in turn, make the world a better place. Thank you for sharing your wisdom"
Melbourne, VIC
"I loved this 1-1 Chakra Healing Course! Sandhya is lovely to listen to, super informative and clearly knowledgeable. The course was structured well and the resources are awesome. I can't wait to take it to the next level! Thank you so much!"
Priya G
Melbourne VIC
"Sandhya is a caring, compassionate, highly gifted Spiritual Teacher. With every class, she teaches you more than you ever imagined. She is one of the most profound teachers I have ever known. She speaks from the heart and shares a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. One of the biggest highlights of attending her classes is that as you attend her classes, you begin to heal yourself on many levels. "

I have taken a 1-1 introductory course for Yoga Beginners and their application of Surya Namaskar. She breaks complex information down in ways that simplify and guided me throught chart interpretation. I'm eager for more learning!!"
Canberra, ACT