7 Week Relationship Chakra Balancing

This level of training assists you to focus on increasing and utilising your connection with your Chakra to balance relationship with yourself and others. It focuses on bringing Chakra Consciousness, which is the a gateway to our higher consciousness and access of the spiritual resources and knowledge. We will learn how to build healthier relationships with over selves and our own understanding of our Chakras.

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Gain an overview of the Chakra System
  2. Overview on Energy System and Aura
  3. How Chakras Interact
  4. Fostering Healthy Chakras in Relationships
  5. Chakra Affirmations
  6. Crystals related to Chakras
  7. Food for Chakras
  8. Identify problems caused by imbalanced Chakras in the Chakra System
  9. Various Guided Meditation to journey into Activating and Balancing Chakras.
  10. Attain Chakra knowledge and application of resolving unhealthy relationships