Balance your Divine Masculine and Feminine


Helping you to become balance and whole within ourselves, within our world.

Whether we are in a male or female body, we have both feminine (yin) and masculine (yang) energies within us. It is the union of these opposites that creates balance. It follows that to run a successful business, we need both masculine and feminine energies to be “online” and united.

This creates the essential blend of structure, focus, action and discipline; with trust, surrender, intuitive wisdom and receptivity. Both masculine and feminine approaches have strengths and limitations. When someone is dominated by either masculine or feminine approaches, there is a risk that the downsides of that approach will emerge.

For example, if we have too much masculine in business, we don’t know how to fill our cup and we end up burning out. Or, we may be fantastic at the structural side of things but terrible when it comes to human relations. If we have too much feminine, we may be waiting for things to happen and trusting, without the capacity to take purposeful action within somewhat of a structure.

This journey takes you through a moving, invigorating and beautiful dance between the sacred masculine and the divine feminine which we each embody. The process takes you into a inner journey with an objective so you could achieve balance of masculine and feminine approaches, so you get more of the strengths and less of the downsides of each and the result is inner and outer balance.

In this journey we will learn about roots of Masculine and Feminine concepts. Introductory knowledge about Chakra system and there role in align. In this chakra aligned journey we travel through the chakras, waking up both energies and marrying them within each chakra. Travel through your own self reflection and identify your strengths, weaknesses, wounds and gifts in relation to your yin and yang aspects and there impact on your life.

So, the next time you are feeling confused, uncertain, bumping into dead ends, stressing, pushing, I invite you to stop, rest, let go and listen. A soft whisper of a new idea or a new direction will come… if you let go and trust.


Online Course Balance your Divine Masculine and Feminine Program


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